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Head Over Heels: A GLOW Podcast

Oct 20, 2019

Please note: This season finale episode was recorded *before* it was announced that GLOW is returning for a fourth and final season! In this episode, Harmony and Meryl talk to Scarlett Harris about A Very GLOW Christmas and the third season of GLOW over all.

Scarlett Harris (@ScarlettEHarris) is an Australian...

Oct 11, 2019

This week, Harmony is joined by special guest host Darnell Mitchell! He's the fabulous fashionista of NYC, the co-creator of the Pro Wrestling Mothership podcast and the social media/co-producer/booker for Uncanny Attractions. We discuss the events of S3E9 of GLOW, The Libertines. Along the way we also discuss the joys...

Oct 4, 2019

Episode 8 finds Ruth at a career crossroads, Debbie at a horse ranch, and Cherry in a mud wrestling pit. Join Meryl and Harmony as they give Ruth the tarot card reading this episode cruelly denied us and contemplate the odd financial realities of GLOW in Las Vegas. Find Harmony at @harmonopoly and Meryl at @merylwilliams.

Sep 27, 2019

Harmony and Meryl talk to season two guest Carrie Wittmer about Hollywood Homecoming, the seventh episode of season 3 of GLOW!

Carrie (@carriesnotscary) is a freelance entertainment journalist and comedy writer whose work can be found in Vulture, Harper’s Bazaar, Consequence of Sound, McSweeneys and The New Yorker....

Sep 20, 2019

Once again this week, Harmony and Meryl are joined by special guest LaToya Ferguson to discuss everyone's *second* favorite season 3 episode of GLOW: Outward Bound! 

LaToya is a TV critic at The A.V. Club, Paste Magazine, and IndieWire, among other publications, as well as the Editor in Chief at She...